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Buy Cheap Diffraction Glasses, Rainbow Glasses

Buy Diffraction Glasses, Rainbow Glasses

You want to buy the best diffraction glasses? Twinklerz diffraction glasses are the best for your festival experience! Add some extra color to your summer festival: the Twinklerz diffraction glasses make sure everything around you will twinkle and sparkle. These diffraction glasses guarantee a complete and unique experience of the light- and lasershow. Surprise your friends with these amazing glasses, they will be amazed by the unique effect and for sure show a big smile on their face!

They are unique, they are amazing and they will surprise you again and again: Twinklerz diffraction glasses are well known from big Electronic Dance Music (EDM) festivals in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. Due to the unique coating on both sides of the glasses, you are able to see the different colours while looking at a light source. The glasses contain a special diffraction effect that multiplies and divides every source of light into colors. Diffraction is a technique that already exists for quite a long time and for example you can also see the diffraction effect when you shine a light on the back of a CD. With the Twinklerz diffraction glasses, the lasers and lights at a festival or indoor event are even more intense, more colorful and richer!

Twinklerz is the best buy for diffraction glasses: we guarantee the lowest price and we always offer you the best quality! All our rainbow glasses are in stock and are available in a variety of frame colors and variations. Are you ready for the ultimate party experience? Buy the unique Twinklerz diffraction rainbow glasses, you will be amazed by the stunning effect!